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President Lukashenko speaks about a new player on Belarusian GSM mobile operators market

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Speaking at the government meeting on September 20, President Lukashenko stressed that mobile phone services should become available and affordable for the whole population of the country. According to Lukashenko, Velcom and MTS mobile operators do not fulfill their obligations on the network extensions and service prices, but if the third GSM operator enters the Belarusian market, then the prices will become optimal.

Lukashenko stated that if the third operator is the state-owned company, then the government will support it and create favorable conditions for the third operator functioning. And the major purpose of this state owned operator will be to provide affordable prices for the inhabitants of small towns and villages, rather than to get much profit.

In order to achieve that President Lukashenko instructed the government to work out the project and implementation plans for launching a state owned GSM operator company which should start functioning in the year of 2005. The project is a substantial part of the government plans to provide all the settlements in Belarus with mobile communications services by 2015.

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President of Republic Of Belarus
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