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The number of Beltelecom datacom network subscribers increases by 13,2% in six months

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The number of datacom network subscribers of national telco operator Beltelecom has increased by 13,2% since the beginning of the year of 2004 and totals now 26,2 thousand.

This number does not include customers using non-password internet access. 28 secondary providers (25 in Minsk, 1 in Gomel, 1 in Bobruisk and 1 in Brest) are connected up to Beltelecom network.

Beltelecom datacom network has been operating since 1996 and provides internet access (dial-up and leased lines) and communication grid for creating corporate clients networks.

Beltelecom uses X25, Frame Relay, MPLS VPN data transmission protocols and ADSL, SDSL and Ethernet technologies.

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