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IDC: Notebooks total sales volume in Belarus will double during the year of 2004

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


81 thousand PCs were sold in Belarus during the year of 2003, i. e. the sales went up to USD 60 mln., says the latest IDC review of Belarusian PC market.

According to the IDC, governmental institutions were major PC buyers during the period.

The IDC review proves that Belarusian PC park structure is similar to the other CIS countries computer base.

For instance, desktop PCs makes the largest share of Belarusian computer park while notebooks' and PC-servers share is 6% (two times less than in Russia).

PCs are mostly assembled by Belarusian companies while the share of the major international computer producers didn't exceed 10% in 2003.

It is expected that notebooks total sales volume will double during the year of 2004.

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