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Beltelecom presents its new strategy

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Speaking at the TIBO'2004 Beltelecom general director Mr. A. Krukowski summed up Beltelecom achievements and outlined new strategies of the national telecommunication operator. International telecommunications exhibition and conference TIBO took place from the 6th to 9th of April, 2004.

Mr. Krukowski informed the audience that since its establishment 8 years ago Beltelecom has put into operation branched primary cable (25 thousand km) and fiber -optic (20 thousand km) networks. Fiber-optic lines connect Belarus to all the five neighboring countries. Telephone network capacity in the country totals at present 3 million 227 thousand numbers, said Beltelecom General Director. By the beginning of 2004 there were 32,4 telephones per 100 inhabitants and 84,4 - per 100 households. Beltelecom primary SDH network is used for telephone communications network, ISDN network and for Internet access. 48% of the network capacity is used by Beltelecom itself and 52% of SDH capacity is rented by other mobile and data-transmission operators.

Beltelecom leases its capacities to Ministries and other governmental institutions.

As the demand for communication channels is growing, Beltelecom and Ministry of Communications and Informatization are planning to modernize highway network and to introduce DWDM technologies by the year of 2005. At the same time, stressed Mr. Krukowski, Beltelecom is putting into operation digital automatic telephone exchanges. By the end of 2004 digital telephone exchanges capacity will increase by 23700 telephone numbers.

Beltelecom provides dial-up Internet access, leased lines and broad band ADSL and SDSL Internet access through two outer channels: STM-1 (155 Mbit/sec) through Russian Metrocom and through Sprint (45 Mbit/sec).

Beltelecom General Director emphasized that broad band Internet access development is of higher priority for the company.

By now informed Mr. Krukowski, Beltelecom has established 269 public access points. The company has been providing hosting services since 1998 and recently Beltelecom has installed Internet exchange peering point.

The key focus of Beltelecom strategic plans is an effective running of existing capacities, said General Director.

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