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159 mln USD invested to Belarussian mobile operators in 2003

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Foreign companies invested 159 mln USD to mobile operators working in Belarus. That information was announced by the chief of electric communications department of the Ministry of Communications Vladimir Sidorchuk. According to Mr. Sidorchuk, MTS was the investors favorite (114 mln. USD). Then comes Velcom - 42,1 mln. USD and BelCel - 3mln USD for IMT-MC-450 (cdma2000) network.

At present Velcom network covers 36% of the territory of Belarus with 93% of country's urban population and 640 000 subscribers. MTS covers 30% of the territory with 82% of urban population and BelCel - 27% of the territory with 73% of urban population.

In 2003 GSM operators covered all the cities by their networks.

Besides company Belcel the last year establishes base stations of standard NMT-450 in 9 regional centers of the republic, undergone to radiating pollution as a result of failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station.

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