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Hewlett-Packard widens cooperation with Belarusian government

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Stanislav Zoricov, Hewlett-Packard regional manager for Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Mongolia and Tajikistan, speaking at the press conference organized by the company, informed journalists that the company has expanded its cooperation with Belarusian governmental structures during the year of 2003.

More than 159 Proliant servers, 490 computers and monitor displays and 600 HP Laserjet printers were supplied by Hewlett Packard to Belarusian Social Support Foundation in 2003. In addition to that, Social Support Foundation purchased Hewlett-Packard solutions to the sum of USD 2 mln.

In October, 2003 Hewlett Packard signed Memorandum on cooperation with National Academy of Science of Belarus according to which the company is to become a strategic partner of the Academy in E-Belarus state programme implementation.

According to Mr. Zoricov sales volume of the ESG , network black and white laser printers and laser printers have increased by 49% , 26% and 15,3% respectively. Hewlett Packard holds 60-70% of Belarusian printer market, stated Mr. Zoricov during the press conference.

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