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The first Siemens EWSD v.15 automatic telephone exchange in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On the 21st of August EWSD v.15 automatic telephone exchange (produced by Siemens) came into operation in Brest. This is the first EWSD v.15 exchange in Belarus. Minister of Communications of Belarus Vladimir Goncharenko, chief of Brest regional administration Vasili Dolgolev and Siemens the CIS and Central Asia sales department manager Wolfgang Hub were present at the opening of the modernized automatic telephone exchange.

The new ATE will replace the old ATE-21 which was built in 1959. The new Brest EWSD v.15 with the capacity of 10 thousand subscribers occupies only 30 sq.m. premises, while the former ATE equipment occupied 1 thousand sq.m.

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