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Belarus: Telecoms Ministry announces GSM tender


The Belarus Telecoms Ministry has announced an open international tender for a second GSM 900/1800 megahertz operator licence.

The tender will run to August 2, 2001. The cost of the tender documents is $5,000 (E5,540) and the payment for the licence is set at $5m (E5.5m). The documents will be available to all those willing to pay for them.

The second operator is expected to create a joint company, 51 per cent owned by Belarus, that will become a unitary company called International Communications. Belarus has two cellular operators, Mobile Digital Communications (GSM) and the joint company Belcel (NMT-450). According to the current licence held by Mobile Digital Communications, which gives it exclusive rights to the market for three years, the new GSM operator can start working after April 16, 2002.

The Telecoms Ministry has stated that the number of GSM operators may increase in the future, as required by the WTO (World Tarde Organisation) and various European countries. In Belarus, the committee for radio frequencies only allows two. Mobile Digital Communications (trademark Velcom) was formed in July 1998 by the Swiss consortium SB-Telecom and Belarussian companies Beltelecom and Beltekheksport. In August 1999, the company received its GSM 900/1800 licence.

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