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Call to switch to electronic voter register in Belarus


According to BelTA Belarus needs to switch to an electronic voter register, Chairperson of the Belarusian Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina said in an interview with STV channel.

Lidia Yermoshina believes it is necessary to make conclusions after the election in terms of the organization of the process and the rights of those who take part in elections. Among such things is the transition to the electronic voter register.

Compiling lists by precinct commission has shown that they can be inaccurate as they often do not mention people who have not gone to polls for years, Lidia Yermoshina noted. Long queues at polling stations in new districts of Minsk today are mostly likely connected with the failure of the housing communities to file the lists of their tenants. Most likely people voted in other places before.

Many people came to vote on the last day, which was another reason for long queues at polling stations, Lidia Yermoshina said. If the flow of people was gradual during the early voting, we would not face such problems. But the alternative candidate and the forces that supported this candidate urged Belarusians to come to the polls on the last day, before the closing hours. Unfortunately, people heeded to the advice of political activists rather than organizers. Hence the sad experience, Lidia Yermoshina noted.

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