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beCloud switches on LTE-800 to boost MNOs’ rural coverage in Gomel region


According to TeleGeography reports that Belarus’ three mobile operators – A1, MTS and BeST (life:)) – have expanded their 4G LTE coverage in rural areas of the Gomel region, working in partnership with the country’s common infrastructure provider Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud).

In separate website updates, the cellcos confirmed that beCloud had switched on new 800MHz frequency transmitters which provide a greater range than the 1800MHz/2600MHz spectrum used thus far, to widen coverage. A1, MTS and life:) also point out that that the addition of LTE-800 services means that their overall 4G coverage in the region is comparable with that for 3G. Specifically, A1 is understood to be currently using more than 400 base transceiver stations (BTS) in the lower band, three-quarters of which are provided by beCloud, while life:) mentions it is using some 360 BTS at 800MHz. Further, MTS and A1 also suggest plans are underway to further extend LTE-800 in the Mogilev and Vitebsk regions (by around 2021), with all 4G upgrades expected to be completed by 2023.

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