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Belarus to set up network of regional technology and innovation support centers


According to BelTA a network of technology and innovation support centers will be set up in the regions of Belarus, First Deputy Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee Andrei Kosovsky told the media ahead of the regional seminar “Intellectual Property Policy for Universities and Research Institutes” on 23 October.

“Minsk is now ahead of other regions in terms of intellectual property management. It is important that we support the regions. Now our regional innovation structures are undergoing some transformation. I think that we will complete this work by the end of the year. In 2020, we will start working on a network of technology and innovation support centers in the regions. I think that every region will have such a center,” Andrei Kosovsky said. The State Science and Technology Committee regularly holds intellectual property seminars in the regions. But it is also important to use foreign experience. To this end, the Belarusian government signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Intellectual Property Organization this year. WIPO is an international organization coordinating international cooperation in intellectual property. Headquartered in Geneva, it unites 192 member states. WIPO's main objectives are to promote intellectual property rights through cooperation, perform administrative functions as part of international agreements on intellectual property. WIPO provides significant assistance to Belarus in the development of the national system of intellectual property. The cooperation is focused on the improvement of Belarus' legislation in compliance with international standards, development of the national infrastructure, application of new information technologies, personnel training. The National Academy of Sciences is playing host to the regional seminar on 23-24 October. Its organizers are the State Science and Technology Committee, the National Center for Intellectual Property and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The seminar is set to hear reports and presentations from Belarusian and foreign experts and to discuss the most pressing issues of intellectual property policy, consider the prerequisites for effective commercialization of intellectual property and technology transfer.

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