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Lukashenko ready to assist Hi-Tech Park active participation in education


According to BelTA President of the Republic of Belarus are ready to assist a more active participation of the Hi-Tech Park in financing and developing educational activities in the country, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with representatives of the country's IT community on 12 April.

At the meeting, businessman Viktor Prokopenya commented on today's education and made a number of proposals to improve it. He believes that there is still excessive bureaucratic burden on teachers and there is a lack of an individual approach to students. Viktor Prokopenya suggested transferring all school documents in digital form, spreading the practice of virtual video lessons, and strengthening the learning of the English language. He also made a request to change the status of the Hi-Tech Park Administration so that the Hi-Tech Park could provide more substantial assistance to educational institutions. As for the last comment, the head of state stressed that there was a much easier solution to the matter. This is not about the status. The Hi-Tech Park has great financial resources but cannot invest them due to some laws. There is no need to change the status. This problem can be solved within 24 hours. Just write one letter. I will not even send it for examination if you write your detailed plans in it. I will sign it within 24 hours. For what do we need to change the status? For the opportunity to give hard-earned money to a teacher or a student? I am ready to help. I am ready to do it right now, said Aleksandr Lukashenko. Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the topic touched upon by Viktor Prokopenya is a serious one. The president supported most of his approaches, but added that it is necessary to proceed from the real life, act step by step, without any revolutionary changes that can harm. We are currently looking into education. I am not happy with teaching at school. I am more down to earth. I see all those textbooks, read all the new ones. Take, for example, mathematics. Students are afraid of taking this textbook into their hands. If they are afraid of it, they will never master mathematics. The course is designed so that if you miss a lesson, you do not know anything, give up on it and do not want to learn any further. There are quite a few problems here, the president stressed. According to the Belarusian leader, the main problem in the school system is personnel. In his words, not all the teachers can interest children in their subject and motivate them to study. Our main deficit is personnel, aspiration, desire and so on. Yes, the world has changed. But if a teacher does not know his student, he is not a teacher. You should know whom you teach, Aleksandr Lukashenko believes. Much depends on the family as well, the head of state added. Parents should also encourage their children to study. If you think it is necessary, I am absolutely for it. It would be great to involve educated people who know something and want to do something, to attract them not only to the Hi-Tech Park, but also to the country. I am ready to help with it, the Belarusian leader said. Speaking about bureaucratic burden on teachers, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that he had already given clear instructions on the matter. Teachers have already told me about it. I forbade all this excessive paperwork. I believe the problem is no longer as pressing as it once was. I have already dealt with the issue at my level and made a decision not to overload teachers with such matters, said the head of state.

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