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Digitization contributes to quality of regional mass media


According to BelTA digitization contributes to the quality of regional mass media, Belarus' First Deputy Information Minister Pavel Lyogky told journalists on the sidelines of the summer school of journalism held during the 13th Belarusian International Media Forum Partnership for the Future.

According to him, regional mass media outlets occupy a unique niche neither national nor international mass media can compete with. On the one hand, it demotivates them. However, things change when a competitive electronic mass media emerges in a region. The matter is not just about redistribution of advertising budgets. The thing is that the audience is shifting away from traditional mass media. The quality of regional mass media should be improved, Pavel Lyogky said. The strategic solution is very simple digitization. Many representatives of regional mass media are attending the media forum which is dedicated to this topic. The situation of every mass media outlet in every oblast is monitored in cooperation with the faculty of journalism. We analyze the results and hold seminars for directors and local ideological workers, Pavel Lyogky said. The first deputy information minister noted that traditional mass media have the points of growth to become more up to date. First of all, this is media marketing. It should be smart and efficient. For that we need to conduct research to understand the market. Second, this is content distribution. Nowadays the competition of brands is transforming into the competition of content. The third point is the quality of training of journalists, Pavel Lyogky added. Pavel Lyogky is confident that the current context requires convergence. It is important to use three communication channels equally and to the fullest extent possible: online channels, print media and social media. Nowadays both social media and traditional mass media tend to converge. Print media should keep pace as well. Both ordinary journalists and editors-in-chief of newspapers should develop and adapt to the new challenges.

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