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Amendments to Belarus' Law on Media receive first reading


According to BelTA the House of Representatives have passed the first reading of the bill on the amendments and additions to some laws of Belarus aimed at improving legal relations in the mass media space.

The bill provides for the amendments to the Law on Media, the Tax Code, the Administrative Offense Code and the Code of Execution Procedure for Administrative Offences. Presenting the bill to MPs, Information Minister Alexander Karlyukevich spoke about the main novel concepts, namely the expansion of the conceptual framework of the Law on Media, its extension to cover the internet resources engaged in the distribution of mass information. They will get an opportunity to pass state registration in order to become an online periodical the employees of which will enjoy the same rights as journalists of traditional media. For the first time, the Law on Media will establish the rights and duties of online resource owners, including the identification of users. The draft law expands the lineup of information types prohibited for distribution. The document also establishes restrictions for foreign participation in the Belarusian media space.

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