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Belarus in top 20 countries with best e-government services


According to BelTA Belarus has made it to the top 20 countries with the best e-government services, according to a research conducted by the company Artezio.

Artezio analysts evaluated e-government services in different countries and ranked Belarus 18th in the list of countries with the most comfortable and technologically advanced services. Artezio pointed to the rapid evolution of e-government services in the country, many of which are on par with the European analogues in terms of quality and accessibility. The highest-ranked countries are the UK, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Finland. These are the countries enabling the most comfortable interaction with the government bodies. Artezio specialists were guided by the United Nations E-Government Development Database (UNeGovDD). When assessing the quality of e-government services, the analysts took into account the availability of a single entry point (Web portal), the convenience of information search, the possibility to get online services, and the simplicity of identity verification. Another thing evaluated by Artezio was the scalability of services taking into account technological development.

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