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MTS Belarus to launch LTE in 80 new cities/towns in 1H18


According to TeleGeography during the first half of 2018 MTS Belarus intends to expand its 4G LTE network to 80 new cities and towns in the Republic, while also deploying additional base stations in areas where its advanced network is already present.

Upon completion, the cellco says its 4G infrastructure will be within reach of 70% of the population, including 95% of those living in urban areas, covering not only Minsk and Minsk region, but also in almost all regional centres across Belarus. Between January-June 2018 MTS intends to deploy at least 650 new LTE base stations marking a near 80% increase on the 800 or so currently in use via a tie-up with the countrys sole 4G infrastructure provider, Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud). The main sites targeted for LTE this year include:

Minsk region: Fanipol, Shchomyslitsa, Bogatyrevo, Semkovo, Logoisk, Myadel, Krupki, Bolshevik, Mikhanovichi, Ozertso, Novy Dvor, Tsnjanka, Luban, Volozhin, Old Roads, Khopisch, Oreshniki, Korolev Stan, Papernya, Priluki, Popovichi, Skuraty, Krupitsa, Sukhoruky, Oktyabrsky, Volovshchina, Aksakovschina, Polevaya, Dubentsy, Kanyutichi, Loshany, Komsomolets, Prilesye, Staryy Bobr, Zatsen, Tabor

Mogilev region: Kostyukovichi, Chausy, Dribin, Klimovichi, Belynichi, Klichiv, Bykhov, Mstislavl, Cherikov, Kirovsk, Slavgorod, Glusk, Krasnopolye, Khotimsk, Osipovichi

Gomel oblast: Zhlobin, Yelsk, Narovlya, Lelchitsy, Rogachev, Rechitsa, Oktyabrsky, Svetlogorsk, Loev, Vetka, Bragin, Khoyniki, Korma, Solonoye

Grodno region: Ivye, Voronovo, Oshmyany, Dyatlovo, Novogrudok, Zelva, Malakhovichi

Vitebsk region: Baran, Gorodok, Liozno, Sharkovshina, Bolbasovo

Brest region: Gantsevichi.

Further, the operator says it can now provide 100% LTE coverage on the M2 Minsk-Minsk National Airport highway, via the deployment of about 20 base stations.

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