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Digital technology in the spotlight of CEI PA meeting in Minsk


According to BelTA digital technology will be in the spotlight of the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Central European Initiative in Minsk on 28 November, Irina Starovoitova, chairperson of the Council of the Republic s permanent commission on education, science, culture and social development, the head of the National Assembly's Delegation to the CEI Parliamentary Dimension, told a press conference in BelTA's press center.

The general theme of the CEI Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Minsk is digital technologies in terms of ensuring geopolitical security. Our meeting is a platform for dialogue and for synchronizing the plans of the states on information technology development in the geopolitical context, Irina Starovoitova said. The meeting will discuss the development of the digital economy in the context of ensuring information security, digital banking technologies, the adoption of legislative, organizational and other measures to support the development of IT products, unmanned driving technologies, artificial intelligence, biotechnology. According to Irina Starovoitova, for IT to become an efficient instrument of ensuring social and economic development and economic competitiveness there is a need to develop mechanisms to encourage the use of technologies at the legislative, social, economic, organizational and technical levels. Belarus has embraced the best practices in this regard as the information and communication technologies are regarded as a key component of the innovation development strategy. Belarus has considerable experience in this area, which we are ready to share. According to the International Telecommunication Union, Belarus was 32nd on the ICT development index out of 175 countries in 2017, she added. The outcome document of the CEI Parliamentary Assembly is expected to call for joint efforts to achieve geopolitical security and to improve the information exchange system for the purpose of efficient cooperation in the area of economic and technological security. Belarus presides in the Central European Initiative (CEI) in 2017. This regional association includes 18 countries. The main task of the CEI is to promote flexible and pragmatic European regional cooperation in order to prevent the emergence of new dividing lines in Europe.

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