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Belarus' first ever Internet of Things network to be launched soon


According to BelTA the Belarusian mobile carrier velcom has obtained a permission for the launch of Belarus' first ever commercial narrowband network NB-IoT designed for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Belarusian State Commission for Radio Frequencies has authorized velcom to use part of the frequency range previously assigned to the mobile carrier. Specialists call the new technology a breakthrough. Belarus will become one of the first European countries to launch an NB-IoT network (Narrowband Internet of Things). In the near future, the technology can be applied in addressing various tasks, from operating smart tracking gadgets and home appliances to introducing citywide intellectual systems. The State Commission for Radio Frequencies has permitted to launch the NB-IoT network in the 900MHz bandwidth which is currently largely used for the GSM standard. velcom's Internet of Things is set to involve a narrow 200KHz bandwidth, which will not affect the operation of the existing networks. The NB-IoT standard enables signal penetration which is 30 times deeper than that provided by the M2M communication technology. In particular, NB-IoT will cover hard-to-reach areas, including basements, lowlands, and buildings with thick walls and structures. The new standard also boasts a wide range of applications, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency. The NB-IoT technology will make Belarus one of the world's leaders in the Internet of Things development. We act as pioneers when it comes to many things since the world is just beginning to put the standard into effect. It will help speed up the transition to digital tracking devices, sensors, and appliances, which will make people's lives more comfortable and will increase the efficiency of Belarusian companies. We hope that new infrastructure will become a basis for numerous high-technology projects, the press service said. velcom plans to develop NB-IoT as an integral ecosystem. In this regard, the company plans to set up a single platform to receive data from every smart appliance. A special app will track the processes and operate sensors, tracking devices, and other appliances remotely. In particular, this is about remotely obtaining data about the current level of water and electricity consumption, searching for free parking spots, or turning on street lights. The new NB-IoT network is open for developers making apps for business or end users. velcom hopes for cooperation with innovative companies interested in the implementation and development of future technologies. NB-IoT is a mobile communication standard devised in 2016 to exchange data between digital appliances. A narrow band and a small update of base stations are the only things required to set up a network. The NB-IoT network has several advantages, among them high network capacity, deep signal penetration, low energy consumption, and low cost of detectors and counters.

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