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Popkov: Internet of Things will become widespread in Belarus


According to BelTA the Internet of Things technology (IOT) will become widespread in Belarus, Belarusian Communications and Informatization Minister Sergei Popkov said during the opening of a Belarusian ICT forum on 19 April which is held as part of the international forum on telecommunications, information and banking technologies TIBO 2017.

The IoT is a new stage in the Internet evolution. It considerably enhances the possibilities to collect, analyze, distribute and receive data. Due to this the IoT is gaining in importance, Sergei Popkov pointed out. The combination of cheap sensors and simple electronics in the IoT network will enable users to provide Internet access to all kinds of things, from refrigerators to power supply systems. Today new technologies have an impact on all areas of our lives. According to the minister, people still should not ignore the new challenges related to the IoT expansion. Job creation is one of these challenges, because the development of Internet technologies and the IoT will lead to large-scale automation with minimum human input. Sergei Popkov expects the IoT to make a technological revolution in both developed and developing countries. Nowadays experts declare that mobile applications will die out, the IoT and blockchain technology will become widespread and people should get ready for this. The Internet of Things will change our lives completely, although some of its possibilities seem to belong to distant future, Sergei Popkov remarked. The Internet of Things is the inter-networking of all kinds of devices embedded with special software and sensors. Experts forecast that the number of devices connected to the IoT network will make up literally 30 billion by 2020.

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