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Huawei to continue fostering adoption of cutting-edge technologies in Belarus Society


According to BelTA Huawei intends to continue fostering the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies in Belarus, from Bel Huawei Technologies Director General Pang Yong.

The executive said that Belarus is at the forefront of developing information and communication technologies in the post-Soviet space and the country's standing gets better all the time. Huawei has been working in Belarus for about 15 years and is intent on maintaining tight cooperation with Belarusian companies in the adoption of new technologies. Huawei is an internationally recognized leader in providing information and communication solutions. Huawei brought its international experience to Belarus. Together with partners we are building a broadband network. We encourage the development of cutting-edge technologies in the country, Pang Yong told BelTA. We are thankful to the Belarusian company beCloud for the opportunity to build the country's first LTE network. The Bel Huawei Technologies Director General underlined that there are over 560 LTE networks all over the world and Huawei has helped build over 50% of them. There are 14 billion 4G users, including 20%, who are mobile broadband users. LTE is already the main standard. Together with beCloud we will channel our resources into implementing the project and allowing as many Belarusians as possible to use 4G, said Pang Yong. The executive also explained: LTE-A or 4.5G is a mobile network that supports download speeds of up to 1Gbps. In other words, you need only one second to download a high-quality movie. Huawei's wireless networking equipment represents a platform that can be used to smoothly reach 4.5G. There are 147 4.5G networks in the world and all of them have been built by Huawei. If we look at the countries, which are close to Belarus, we can say that the construction of 4.5G nationwide networks has already become a strategy in Turkey and Azerbaijan, said the Bel Huawei Technologies Director General. As far as Belarus is concerned, we hope that a high-quality 4.5G network will be deployed in Minsk and then in the regions with assistance of beCloud Company in the future.

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