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Belarusian mobile carrier velcom ready to offer LTE services after licensing


According to BelTA the infrastructure of the Belarusian mobile carrier velcom is fully ready for the LTE technology launch.

The company's press service, which quoted Robert Dashian, velcom Deputy Director General for Marketing, Sales, and Subscriber Service. BelTA has been told that at present about 2,500 base stations in velcom's network, including all the antennas and feeders, are completely ready for the LTE technology launch. We just need to acquire the license for it. In Belarus mobile carriers are unable to change the radio frequencies they use on their own in order to offer new technologies. As far as the technical part is concerned, velcom will be able to offer LTE all over Belarus within days. We will just have to upload the relevant software to the equipment, explained Robert Dashian. Velcom is in favor of net neutrality that allows offering any technology 2G, 3G, or 4G using the radio frequencies the company already has. We can do it without additional frequencies if we reassign the frequencies we have already, said the executive.

For now velcom does not intend to connect to the LTE network built and run by the Belarusian telecommunication infrastructure operator beCloud.

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