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Belarus president pleased with Internet freedom in country President


According to BelTA Belarus is the freest country in the world as far as Internet is concerned.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement while talking to representatives of Russian regional mass media in Minsk on 17 November, BelTA has learned. We are the freest country as far as Internet is concerned. When attempts to stage color revolutions via the Internet were made in Belarus, many told me that we had to shut it down. But I said we should fight these people on these websites, these webpages using their own methods. So, instead of shutting them down or restricting access for people we worked tirelessly through social networks, noted the head of state. Internet access brings a lot of benefits and comes with a lot of drawbacks. The World Wide Web is handy for communication and so on, but there are great negative aspects, too, believes Alexander Lukashenko. As an example of negative influence of the Internet Alexander Lukashenko mentioned the organization of an explosion in the Minsk metro several years ago. There was a single terrorist attack when a Belarusian, who grew up in Vitebsk, acquired all the information from the Internet, created an explosive device and triggered it in the Minsk metro in order to see it go off or to show off himself. Yet we didn't shut down Internet access after that. We need to work. It means we underperform in some things, said the Belarusian leader. Alexander Lukashenko also admitted he is a bit prejudiced towards Internet because he treasures printed books as something holy. When Internet engulfs everything, when many people become Internet addicts, I grow concerned and worried, noted the President. According to Alexander Lukashenko, he has no pages of his own in social networks and he is no Internet addict. Besides, he keeps an eye on how much time his youngest son spends browsing the Internet.

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