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Beltelecom buys equipment to monitor Skype calls


According to Charter97.org Beltelecom launched a tender to buy hardware and software able to record and store a user's Internet history as one of the features.

It's worth noting that every Internet service provider or mobile operator must store logs from 2016, AFN reports.

According to the tender, the company is also going to enter the local contextual advertising market. However, this is not the main thing.

According to one of the lots, Beltelcom wants to buy hardware and software able to identify and charge outgoing voice traffic, including VoIP, associated with a particular user (client) of the Internet, sources close to the Operational and Analytical Centre report.

In other words, the system will be able to trace your call to a relative or a friend who lives in, for example, the US and charge you for the call in accordance with acting rates.

It seems that the statements by top officials of the Ministry of Communication that Skype and similar services should share their income were not just words.

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