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Yancheuski appointed chief of Belarusian internet


According to Charter97.org the ideologist will approve appointments of relevant officials and “coordinate” the work of internet media.

Decree No. 531 “On Certain Issues of Informatization” signed on December 2, 2013, takes force on the day of its official publication. The text of decree was published on the National Legal Internet Portal of Belarus.

The document proposes significant changes to the area of responsibility of relevant ministries and bodies. Usevalad Yancheuski, the president's aide and the head of the main ideological department was given controlling functions.

Under the decree, Yancheuski ensures the implementation of the single state policy in the spheres of informatization, information and communication technologies, telecommunication and high technologies by state bodies and assents the appointments in the Ministry of Communication and the State Committee on Science and Technologies. He also “coordinates, within the competence, the activity of mass media disseminated by means of television broadcasting and the global computer network Internet.” The relative ministries and bodies will perform only technical functions.

State bodies and organizations cannot finance informatization projects without the consent of the main ideologist, according to the document.

The draft decree determining the procedure of carrying out the public procurement in the spheres of informatization, information and communication technologies and telecommunication must be prepared within three months.

The decree approves the new composition of the Supervisory Council of the Park of High Technologies that will be headed by the head of the main ideological department of the president's administration.

Usevalad Yancheuski, 37, was an activist of Lukashenka's team in the 1994 presidential election. He was among the founders of the pro-governmental youth organization BRSM. He was a member of the party Slavianski Sobor Belaya Rus.

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