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MTS Belarus in June 2013


MTS Belarus says more than one million subscribers now use a smartphone

Mobile network operator MTS Belarus has issued a press release noting that the total number of registered smartphones on its network has doubled from 500,000 to one million in the past six months, and now accounts for one-fifth of all subscribers’ devices. By the end of this year the cellco hopes to boost that total again to account for more than 30% of all subscriber units. MTS Belarus attributes the increased popularity of smartphones to several factors, including improved supply, more affordable devices, and consumer-friendly payment (instalment) plans. The carrier reports that the most popular operating system (O/S) is Google’s Android platform, which accounts for 54.0% of smartphones on its network, followed by Symbian (36.0%), Apple’s iOS (5.5%), Windows (3.1%) and others (1.4%).

MTS Belarus extends mobile internet to 62 new localities

Mobile network operator MTS Belarus has announced that it has extended its 3G network to 62 new localities in the country since the start of this year, using its third carrier frequency at more than 450 base transceiver stations (BTS) to accelerate the rollout. In a press statement the cellco said that in the past month the firm activated its third UMTS radio channel on no fewer than 37 BTS, principally in the capital Minsk.

In addition, the company says it is continuing to implement the third frequency channel and dual-carrier high speed data packet access (DC-HSDPA) technology in all regional centres, including the areas of Baranovichi, Beshenkovichi, Borisov, Volkovisskij, Dzerzhinsk, Zhlobin, Kamenetz, Leeds, Malorita, Mozyr, Pinsk, Polotsk, Rechitsa, Svetlagorsk and Sharkovshchina. To date, MTS Belarus says it has deployed more than 1,800 3G-ready BTS, serving 8,900 settlements. Activation of the carrier’s third UMTS frequency channel began in February of this year and is designed to tackle congestion in heavy traffic areas on the network.

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