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Belarus links Moscow-Frankfurt communication main


According to BelTA Belarus has completed its project on the development of a part of the transcontinental communication main, BelTA learnt from representatives of the Operational and Analytical Center under the Presdient of Belarus that is taking part in the 18th sci-tech conference Complex Protection of Information 2013 in Brest.

The transcontinental main that crosses Belarus will connect Moscow and Frankfurt. The Belarusian and Russian parties will have a parity ownership of the communication line. Belarusian Cloud Technologies will get an opportunity for the external Internet traffic transfer via Belarus. The project will generate additional revenue from the traffic transit. The main Internet traffic from China to Russia gets to Europe by sea via Scandinavia. It would be simpler and more efficient to make this transit line go via Belarus.

The high-speed transit communication line Moscow-Minsk-Frankfurt will have the throughput capacity of up to 8 Tbps. It is more than 23 times bigger compared to the existing capacity of the external gateway of Belarus.

Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud) was set up by the National Traffic Exchange Center of Belarus (51% of the authorized capital) and Russian businessman Konstantin Nikolayev to implement a big project in the information and communication technology sector. He is a stakeholder in several transport companies which shares are quoted at the London Stock Exchange.

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