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Third ISP to handle external Internet traffic possible in Belarus


According to Belta a third Internet service provider to handle external Internet traffic may emerge in Belarus in the future, Mr Pavel Petrulevich, Head of the Electric Communications Office of the Belarusian Information Technologies and Communications Ministry, told media on 11 October.

At present two corporations are authorized to transit international Internet traffic Ц Beltelecom and the National Peering Center. According to Pavel Petrulevich, private ISPs already cooperate with the National Peering Center but only for domestic traffic peering. The private ISPs buy external Internet traffic from Beltelecom.

In the future the number of ISPs to handle external Internet traffic may rise. An attempt has been made before to find an interested investor in Belarus. At present the Operations and Analysis Center under the Belarus President is responsible for regulating this area. It is this agency that will decide on further development in this area.

Pavel Petrulevich also remarked that this year the activity of cellular communication subscribers has risen as well as the number of mobile applications.

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