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Yota announces LTE rollout covering major regional centres of Belarus


According to TeleGeography Yota Bel, part of WiMAX Holding which is the owner of Russian operator Scartel (operating under the Yota brand), says it is looking to develop Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks in major regional centres across Belarus.

On 1 December Yota Bel launched its new LTE network in the capital Minsk and in Grodno, covering the central districts of these two cities, and according to Yota vice president Egor Ivanov, has now begun the construction of further 4G networks in Mogilev, Brest and Gomel.

Yotal Bel has invested ‘millions of dollars’ in the project and is looking to reach a break-even point within its first year of operation.

TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database writes that the broadband start-up holds 2?30MHz blocks of frequency in the 2.5GHz-2.6GHz bands to deploy its data transmission networks. The Belarus State Commission on Radio Frequencies issued Yota Bel with a licence to use the spectrum in December 2008. Having originally intended to use the WiMAX equipment (standard IEEE 802.16e-2005) produced by Samsung, in 2010 Yota Bel announced it was switching to the rival LTE technology.

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