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A draft defining liability for violtation of decree 60 was developed in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


A law project defining administrative resposibilty for providing access to forbidden websites was prepared in Belarus. The document was placed on a National legal Internet-portal of Belarus on the 26th of October.

A law project "On introducing additions and changes to the Codex of administrative offences of the Republic of Belarus and to the Codex of legal and executive procedures of adminstrative offences of the Republic of Belarus" a liability is provided for realisation of goods, carrying out work, rendition of services on Belarusian territory with use of Internet resources that are placed outside of Belarus or are not registered in the established order.

The liablity is also defined for "violation of law's demands for identification of devices and (or) subscribers while providing Internet services, registration and storage of personal data of Internet services users, data concerning user devices as well as data concerning Internet services rendered".

It is also suggested to call to account for not restricting access to "information, forbidden for distribution according to legislative acts".

The law project's date of examination is not stated.

On the 4th of March, 2011, the head of the permanent comission of the House of Representatives of industry, fuel and energy comples, transportation, communications and enterprise Sergey Semashko announced that fines for breaking certain positions of act 60 "On measures of improving the usage of national segment of the Internet" are to be introduced.

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