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Belarus: On government programs of infromatisation

Author: Alexander Sokolov


The Ministry of communications and informatisation has fulfilled the following government programs: Development of communications in the Republic of Belarus for 2006-2010, State program of informatisation of the Republic of Belarus for 2003-2005 and in perspective for2010 "E-Belarus", State program of digital television and radio introduction in the Republic of Belarus for 2015, State program of satellite TV broadcasting in the Republic of Belarus for 2010.

The Program of communications development in the Republic of Belarus for 2006-2010 was adopted by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus' decree N1395 of 23.10.2006.

Local phone network consists of over 4 thousand automated telephone stations with total capacity being over 4,1 million numbers.

Fixed phone communications are provided to 98% of all country settlements.

Internet access services are provided via phone and dedicated lines. Total data transfer capacity as of January 1? 2011 was 1 million 841 thousand ports, of which 1 million 173 thousand ports belongs to national telecommunications provider Beltelecom. The number of subscribers and broadband Internet access users totalled 1,8 million. WiMAX broadband data transfer access was introduced in Minsk.

In all regional and district centers of the country IP-television services were introduced ("ZALA" trademark). Number of people who subscribed to this servives totalled 200 thousands as of January, 1, 2011. For the same date, the number of subscribers totallled 10,1 million, mobile cellular telecommunications encompass 97,6% of the country's territory, where 99,6% of the population lives. Commercial usage of 3G networks began at the end of 2009. The dervice is provided in the capital, regional centers and large cities with population of over 50 thousand as for January 1st, 2011.

Digital aerial TV-broadcasting DVB-T was put into operation by 19 Radio and Television broadcasting stations, which allowed to cover a territory of the republic where 90,07% of the population lives

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