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Concept of ICT development in Belarus for 2011-2015

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


There will be almost thrice as many stationary broadband access ports in Belarus (3 million), users will have 100Mbit/s channels, there will be twice as much wireless connection subscribers. Not only that, but the volume of import substitution will grow by no less than 10% every year and will reach at least 7,5 million dollars in 2014.

According to the "Innovative development of Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015 State program concept", a transition tosmultiservice electronic networks based onsintegrated hardware and software platform for various electrocommunication services will be made by introducing IMS-platform for the basic network of national operator "Beltelecom" and convergence of services and technologies (deployment is expected to happen in this year)

Development of broadband access and accessory data transfer network services will be shown by the increase of the stationary broadband access by 2,8 times (from 1,04 million to 3,0 million). Asmodernizationsand development of data transmission networks with transfer to Ethernet technology to provide passage for telecommunications traffic and construction of fiber-optic communications lines directly to the consumer, which will provide for the increase of the speed potential from 8 Mbit/second to 100 Mbit/second (Providers are currently constructing Ethernet-networks).

Introduction of fourth generation mobile telecom services (obviouslysWiMAX/LTE is implied) which will span Minsk and regional centers is expected as well. As a result, wireless Internet access userbase will grow 1,9 times.

As was repeatedly announced, Belarus will transfer to digital TV in 2015. In the concept's project a "completion of transfer to digital on-air broadcasting, which will give the ability to receive a package of TV programs on Belarus' entire territory".

Automation of all working places in post offices, development of paperless office, organization of public Internet access in each post office situated in agrocities and large villages, increasing scoverage of mobile post offices by increasing their number by 200. A hybrid mail system will be developing, which will increase it's volume by no less than 100%. Number of spostal payment and information terminals (infokiosks) should increase by 1000 in 2015.

Creation and maintenance of state system providing informational services is intended. As a result, share of state informational resources used for rendering of e-services will be no less than 20%, and waiting time will be shortened by no less than 50%.

Import substitution wasn't forgotten too - in addition to afore-cited numbers, a list of Belarusian IT-products was announced. "PROMSVYAZ" completes it's work in 2010 and will make the following products in 2011-2014: DVB-T digitalsaccessory, integrated access device IAD, GSM-terminal, GSM-USB-moded, WiMax-modem, all-purpose automated distribution complex, three program signals on wire broadcasting networks, output signal deliverer device, VoIP-telephone, VoIP-gateway, VoIP-converter, Gigabit Ethernet data transfer protocol equipment. State committee on science and technologies will be commissioned to increase growth of hi-tech exports in 2,5-3 times compared to 2010.

Introduction of new promising informational and telecommunication technologies will allow Belarusian branch of communications and informatisation to achieve level of development equal to leading European countries. Index of digital access will rise from current 0,45 to 0,7.

High Technologies Park is expected to "create estate objects on HTP territory", "introduce experience of creation and maintenance of informational technologies instructors and specialists training system compliant to international standards", "create strong regional center of ICT", "organize teaching of technical foreign languages for IT specialists basing on the educational center". HTP administration also plans to create an IT-academy basing in a finished administration building on Kuprevicha street, 1 in 2012. Approximately 3 billion roubles out of off-budget means are expected to be spent on the academy.

According to the document, "development of informational ERP-systems geared towards enterprise resource management, informational technologies and data and multimedia processing systems, Future Internet technologies, technologies for processing, storage, transfer and protection of information, technologies of distributed computing and systems, computer and intelligent systems in economics, medicine, biology, social sphere, public administration, defense, education and mass transit, means of system parameters and communications and telecommunications control, systems based on RFID technologies, and single photon-based quantum cryptography".

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