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Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010 Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010

life:) - over million users

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


life:) had connected it's 1000000'th user on Monday, December 28th. life:) userbase grew more than four times in a year - for up to one million users, or around 11% of the country's mobile communications market.

Earlier the operator stated that it's 3G userbase is well over 100 thousands.

In 2010 life:) is going to hold at least 70:) of the 3G market share and double the userbase. Of those two millions the amount of active 3G-users must be no less than 350 thousands.

The operator possesses 1100 points of base station placement, where 2500 stations are installed. life:) plans to increase the amount of sites to 1900 and cover all significant roads in the republic in 2010. life:) reinstalled it's base network and created new base stations in 2009.

While in 2008 only 87% of the population and 48% of Belarusian territory was covered by life:), in 2009 these numbers changed to 99,2% and 85,3% respectively, and in 2010 it's planned to achieve 99,8% and 93% respectively.

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