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Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010 Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010

100.000th user is provided connection by BelCel and Beltelecom using WLL technology

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


BelCel and Beltelecom connected a 100.000th user via WLL technology on 21th of October, 2009.

WLL - wireless stationary phone technology - is BelCel and Beltelecom joint innovational project which uses CDMA-2000 standard in 450MHz frequency. First users appeared in September 2007.

In the beginning of 2009, the number of BelCel network WLL users increased by 56 thousand.

Total number of active users serviced by BelCel is 132 thousand. Over 18 thousand subscribers use 1xEV-DO technology. Montly data traffic in the network is estimated to be over 10Tb.

Over 184 base stations, 84 of which support EV-DO, are used in the DIALLOG network at the present time. 48 base stations support EV-DO Rev.A.

EV-DO covers 33 country's towns (55,65% of the population). Total coverage is 56,36% of the country's territory, where 86,12% of the population resides, and 94,4% of city population.

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