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Beltelecom included in state's 2009 privatisation plan

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to under the Belarus Council of Ministers' resolution No. 1256, the country's state-owned national fixed line PTO Beltelecom has been included in the country's privatisation plan for 2009.

A total of more than 500 state-run entities are understood to be included within the three-year plan, part of a massive reorganisation and privatisation programme in the country.

Only last month the country's Information Technologies and Communications Minister, Nikolai Pantelei, told reporters that Beltelecom could be incorporated as a joint-stock company (JSC), but that it did not need to be privatised merely for the sake of attracting inward investment. He went on to say however that 'in view of Belarus' accession to the WTO we will most likely have to comply with all requirements concerning the liberalisation of the Belarusian market of telecom services,'. He added however, that selling off a part of its Beltelecom stock is not under consideration.

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