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Draft Law on electronic digital signature passed the first hearings at Belarusian parliament

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The draft law on electronic document and electronic digital signature passed the first hearimgs at the Belarusian House of representatives in May 28, 2009.

Nikolai Pantelei, Minister of Communications and Informatization stresses that "information interaction" is a key moment in social relationships.

However ICTs c can be used effectively only in case of proper security measures would be taken. At present, there is no coordination in the use of electronic digital signature by various organizations and institutions.

The new draft law foresees creation of the state management system for public key. This management system would consist of the network of registration centers headed by the National Bank. Terms like 'authenticity of electronic document ", "integrity of electronic document" and others will be defined as legal notions.

The daft law says that electronic document with digital signature will be equal to a personally signed paper version of the document, and has the same judicial power.

Electronic public keys bank will function under the supervision of National Bank. The issues of electronic digital security will be under the jurisdiction of Presidential Executive Analytical Center , which now certifies all automatic systems for state bodies documents circulation .

At present, 20 state bodies, including state telco monopolist Beltelecom, use the system of electronic documents circulation. However, there is no procedures for signature authentication are not functioning at the level of different bodies exchange.

The introduction of electronic digital signature will foster the process of one window approach within the e-government concept.

Electronic digital signature has been already applied in banking transaction and taxation procedures. With the introduction of the new law it will be possible to launch such services as electronic income statements, and many others.

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