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Belarus-TV channel converts to digital broadcasting

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


"International satellite channel Belarus-TV went entirely digital today" - Belarus-TV executive director Valeri Radetski said on May 26, 2009.

Earlier Belarus-TV broadcasting was 50% digital and 50% analogue.

Radutski also stressed that Belarus-TV plans to transfer to high definition format and to begin broadcasting in Russia's Far East, China, Vietnam and other countries of that region.

Starting broadcasts in America over local cable networks with France Telecom cooperation was named one of the greatest achievements of Belarus-TV channel. Today the channel's programs are translated in 1100 USA cities of 39 states. Belarus-TV also became availiable for watchers from Canada, Mexica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto-Rico and Guatemala.

International satellite channel Belarus-TV started broadcasting on the 1st of February 2005. Initially Intelsat 904 and ABS-1 satellites were used for broadcast. From the 7th of May 2007, the channel's programs are retranslated via Express-AM22 satellite which provides broadcasting and communications in Russia and other CIS states, as well as Europe, Middle East and North Africa. On March 28th, 2008 Belarus-TV programs became availiable in North America. Channel's programs can also be viewed on it's website.

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