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Cosmos TV begins its shift towards digital broadcasting

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Cable TV operator, "Cosmos TV", finished it's organisational and technical preparations for moving on to DVB-T digital broadcasting.

The first to use this new service will be "Cosmos TV" 's on-air broadcasting users. They are being offered by a "Basic" program package, that includes 32 standard dimension (SD) channels.

They will be provided with a Set Top Box digital channel reciever.

"Cosmos TV" was founded in 1993. The company provides Minsk residents with multichannel on-air TV broadcasting from 1996. 20 channels are being broadcasted in 2.5-2.7 GHz range. Today over 10 thousand people use on-air broadcasting.

In 2001, "Cosmos TV" company began the creation of cable television network in Minsk. Now, 49 TV channels are broadcasted via cable television. Over 100 thousand households in Minsk use multichannel cable TV services.

High-speed Internet access is provided via cable TV network. At present, "Cosmos TV" internet network has over 50 thousand users.

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