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Television and radio in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Television access in Belarus is provided by 36 powerful TV stations and 21 retransmitters. 247 transmitters with varying strength of signal are installed there. They provide broadcasting services for "First Channel", "ONT", "Lad", "STV", "RTR-Belarus", "NTV-Belarus", "Mir", "TVC" and for 16 commercial channels.

By 01.01.2009, "First Channel" covers the territory inhabited by 99,64% of the country's population, "ONT" - 97,94%, "Lad" - 91,84%, "STV" - 80,60%, "RTR-Belarus" - 63,92%, "NTV-Belarus" - 60,01%.

Introduction of DVB-T standard digital terrestrial television is one of the priorities in Belarus.

A concept of DVB digital TV system developement program as well as of the state program of introduction of digital TV and radio in Belarus up to 2015 were developed and accepted by the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

The developement of technical legislative act on digital media is currently in progress.

A constant transmission of digital program package on the frequency of the 48th TV channel (TVK) was launched in Minsk on the 1st of July, 2005. Transmission of five TV channels ("First Channel", "National Television", "Lad", "STV", "NTV-Belarus") and one radio channel (Belarusian radio's First National Channel) is provided in DVB-T digital format. Digital TV can be recieved on a territory inhabited by 46,77% of the country's population.

The plan is to switch from analog to digital TV broadcasting no later than 2015.

Taking into consideration ITU's recommendations and modern technologies' developement, MPEG-4 format will be used for introducing on-air ground-based DVB-T TV.

312 transmitters of various frequencies (including 163 transmitters using 87,5-108 MHz frequency) provide broadcasting for "Belarusian radio's First National Channel", "Culture Radiochannel", "Radius FM", "Stolica", local broadcasting, "Belarus Radiostation" and 23 commercial channels. "Culture Radiochannel" can be recieved on the territory occupied by 97,18% of the population, "Radius FM" - 96,99%, "Stolica" - 89,83%, local broadcasting - 95,06%, commercial programs - 54,20%

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