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Belarusian Internet gateway will be broadened to 4.5Gbit/s

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Beltelecom and Rostelecom finished organising a straight access channel to russian Internet segment's resources.

"Broadening of external channels for Belarusian data transfer is a logical step. While country's Internet userbase is increasing, external communications channel is increasing as well, this is especially true in case of . Russian segment is so attractive to our users because of lack of language barriers and a big amount of interesting and accessible content on russian servers", - says Beltelecom's Head of data transfer Yuri Galiakevich.

Earlier connection with russian internet segment was provided by Peterstar operator, who allowed for a total of 1.8Gbit/second channel for Russian Federation.

Broadth of the new channel, which is organised with Rostelecom, makes 2Gbit/second, while Peterstar's is a bit bigger than 1.2Gbit/second, meaning an increase from 1.8Gbit/second to 3.2Gbit/second. For the rest of foreign resources, the channel will remain the same - 1.2Gbit/second.

With creation of a new channel, total Belarusian Internet gateway broadened to 4.5Gbit/second.

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