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Belarusian Minister of Communications: There are 170 thousand broadband Internet users in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


"A rapid developement of telecommunication services and information technologies before 201 is ," said Belarusian Minister of Communications and Informatisation Nikolai Pantelei at the opening o on a TIBO'2008 in Minsk.

"Main directions of information technologies developement are defined within the framework of the process of joining WTO. And adequate quality of communications and usage of electronic applications are provided through creation of network infrastructure in Belarus", Mr. Pantelei said.

According to the minister, there are approximately 95% communication networks based on fiber-optic infrastructure. More than 3,5 million of fixed phones are registered in Belarus to date (this makes 37,3 telephones for 100 citizens). Fixed communications are availible in 96% of villages. Communicationnetworks in remote places are based on WILL technology. "In 2008, the number of WILL subscribers will grow by 30 thousand", N. Pantelei announced.

The minister noted that internet access services are actively developing in Belarus. Today these services are provided by more that 150 companies , and by Beltelecom, the state owned telco. There are more than 2,7 million of Internet users in the Republic, 170 of whom use broadband access, which makes 6,3% (in EU countries, broadband subscribes make a fraction of 80%). At present , there are more than 100 Wi-Fi access points across the country.

The number of 4 Belarussian cell operators' subscribers totals 7 million. Approximately 89% of the country's territory is covered by mobile communications networks, 97% of the population can use cell operators' services.

The minister announced the priorities of extention fiber-opticnetworks based , local APS developement based on digitalization and growth of number capcaity in 2008-2010. Also, Methro Internet service is planned to be introduced and 10 new radio and TV broadcasting stations are planned to be built by the end of 2010

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