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Belarusian deputy minister predicts 500.000 broadband internet users in 2010

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the predictions of Belarusian deputy minister of informatization and communications Nikolai Strukov, there will be 500.000 broadband internet users by 2010. - said deputy informatisation and communications minister Nikolai Strukov.

"About 260 thousands of them will use broadband services of the national communications operator "Beltelecom", while 100 thousands will subscribe for other operators' services. Home networks will also help to increase the number of xDSL users" , said Mr. Strukov.

According to deputy minister, the growth of broadband internet will stimulate development of e-commerce, e-learning and e-government services.

Nikolai Strukov also said that "500 thousand users" is a "pessimistic forecast", the real amount of users can be bigger. "We also expect development of the third generation mobile cell communications. 3G users will also become broadband internet users", - Mr. Strukov added.

At the present, Beltelecom has 66 thousand broadband internet subscribers, which makes up for more than 60% of the market, while the rest belongs to commercial providers.

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