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Cybercrime in Belarus in the beginning of 2008

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On Saturday, January 5, Belarusian internet portal TUT.BY and hosting provider HOSTER.BY (some Hoster.by servers are located in Moscow) underwent the most powerful hacker attack in the whole history of Belarusian internet.

The attack led to download retardation of e-mail, of other TUT.BY services pages and of 3000 websites hosted at HOSTER.BY Moscow servers . While sites hosted by HOSTER.BY servers located at Beltelecom data center (Minsk) remained safe and intact.

Igor Chernenko, chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department on cyber crime, announced that a criminal investigation on the case had been started.

On January 10, since 12.00 till 19.00, Belarusian internet users had difficulties while trying to access Beloruskij partizan, Charter 97, radio Freedom, ucpb.org and livejournal.com sites

Maria Stoliarova from Beltelecom department on information and public relations stated: "We have no relations to the problems with access to some independent web sites". She explained that these sites might had problems with providers and hosting. She argued that Beltelecom could not "narrow" internet channels for the web sites hosted at other servers (not at Beltelecom ones).

Meanwhile independent resources owners maintain that Beltelecom used shaping techniques because of the private entrepreneurs protest meeting which took place in Minsk on January 10, since 12.00.

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