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Beltelecom in 2007

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Speaking at the press conference on December 2007, Beltelecom general director Konstantin Tikar reviewed Beltelecom achievements in 2007.

According to Mr. Tikar, digital telephone lines make 70% of the fixed telephone network; total teledensity is 36,5 telephones per 100 inhabitants, and in the rural regions 27,7 telephones pre 100 inhabitants.

During the 9 months of 2007, Beltelecom built 1,5 thousand km of fiber-optic cable lines, a second frontier point with Russia has been put into operation, Belarus- Latvia frontier point has been extended, and construction of the second fiber optic cable line with Lithuania has been started.

In September 2007, Beltelecom started WLL terminals mounting. By December 2007, 3,5 thousand terminals were put into operation.

The number of Beltelecom broadband services subscribers totals now 40 000. In October 2007, Beltelecom extended its outer gateway speed up to 2,5 Gbps compared with 1,8 Gbps in 2006 and 465Mbs in 2005).

Since July 2007, 50 Wi-Fi spots are launched in a test mode all ober the country. Beltelecom has also been testing wireless broadband systems based on producers' standards in 5.6 GHz frequency range (pre-WiMax).

In the beginning of 2007, Beltelecom announced its Metro Ethernet project and Triple Play service pack.

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