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Russian Svyaznoy group enters Belarusian market

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Russian group "Svyaznoy" and "Belaya Vezha" company ("MegaPlus" communications salons and "Focus" photo services), announced that Svyaznoy had bought control share of "Belaya Vezha". The exact share value has not been disclosed.

According to the agreement signed in July 2007, retail chains "Focus" and "MegaPlus" acquired the right to work under Svyaznoy brand. Svyaznoy group, one of the Russian mobile retail market leaders , has more than 100 salons in Belarusian market.

By the end of 2007, Svyaznoy is planning to reconstruct "Focus" and "MegaPlus" stores ,into mobile communications centers and "Svaiznoi 3" galleries, having preserved most of the photo printing services.

Re-branding investments and format changes of the Belarusian chains will total 2-3 mln. US dollars. .

Svyaznoy group is a Russian retail chain specializing on cell phones operator's services, personal communications devices and pocket digital equipment. At present, 1400 Svyaznoy shops are functioning in in Russia. Svyaznoy net turnover totalled s 1,13 bln. US dollars in 2006.

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