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Belarusian bidding for universal service failed

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Only one company - Belpoczta - applied for participation in the bidding for universal service provision announced by Belarusian government.

The bidding of May 22- June 25, 2007 included two lots : lot 1 - paid phones network in remote rural areas; lot 2 internet access provision for PIAPs. Belposzta (Belpost) has applied for the latter one.

According to the Belarusian Law on Telecommunications, universal service is defined telecommunication public services access to which is guaranteed to al citizens by the state and the prices are regulated by the government

According to the Presidential Decree of February 20, 2007, a special universal service is created by the government. Providers of telecommunications services operating in Belarus are obliged to 1,5% of the profit to the fund.

Ministry of Communications and Informatization is authorized to manage the fund.

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