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Draft programme on ICT and internet for education discussed by Belarusian Council of Ministers

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On February 27, 2007, Council of Ministers Presidium of the Republic of Belarus discussed the draft programme of the informatization of the state system of education of Belarus for 2007-2010.

The programme is aimed at integration of the educational institutions into a unified information sphere; at creating new informational and educational resources and at modernization of the whole system. It is planned to allocate Br78,6 bln. (28MEUR) for a four years programme.

It is also planned to create a unified computer network for all Belarusian schools. At present, only 42% of educational institutions have internet access. According to the programme, it is expected to provide Belarusian " social computerization standard" - one per 30 pupils, and one computer class for every educational institution.

The programme will provide additional resources for Belarusian e-government programme as the schools with internet access and computer classes will also become internet access points for e-government services in local areas.

The unified informational educational system will interact with state information systems through the Beltelecom data Processing Center.

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