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Belarus holds 67th position in Human Development Index

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the UNDP 2006 Human Development Report published last week, Belarus has been categorized as a Medium Human Development country and ranked at 67th position.

Among Belarus's neighbors, only Ukraine holds lower position - 77th. Poland is at the 37th place, Lithuania - at 41st, Latvia - at 45th, and Russia - at 65th.

Table 13 (Technology: Diffusion and Creation) of the Report presents ICT development data for Belarus.

Country:Rating:Telephone mainlines, 1990 (per 1,000 people)Telephone mainlines, 2004 (per 1,000 people)Cellular subscribers, 1990 (per 1,000 people)Cellular subscribers, 2004 (per 1,000 people)Internet users, 1990 (per 1,000 people)Internet users, 2004 (per 1,000 people)Patents granted to residents (per million people) 2004Receipts of royalties and licence fees (US$ per person) 2004Research and development (R&D)expenditures (% of GDP) 2000-03Researchers in R&D (per million people) 1990-2003

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