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State Committee on Radio Frequencies will be attached to the Security Council of Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the Presidential Decree "On State Committee on Radio Frequencies" of July 31, 2006, the new Committee attached to the State Security Council will replace the department on radio frequencies at the Ministry of Communications and Informatization. The latter has been functioning since 1994.

State Committee on Radio Frequencies will be headed by Security Council Vice State Secretary Juri Krivosheev.

The Committee is responsible for radio-frequency spectrum distribution based on state priorities.

The new body will develop schemas of radio frequencies distribution, as well as databases of radio electronic and high frequencies devices used in Belarus. In addition to that, State Committee on radio Frequencies will be responsible for radio frequencies spectrum conversion.

The Committee members will meet once in two months. Ministry of Communications and Informatization is to carry out all the activities between the sessions.

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