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WiMAX to be launched in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Deputy-Minister of Communications and Informatization Ivan Rak, speaking at the press-conference held on March 29, within the framework of International exhibition TIBO-2006, announced Ministry's plans on WiMAX netwok development in Belarus.

According to Mr Rak, WiMAX data transmission network has been recently launched in a test mode in order to check electromagnetic compatibility of WiMAX and other Belarusian communication networks. Ericsson has supplied the equipment for Belarusian WiMAX network. At present Beltelecom is the only operator providing WiMAX services. Five more providers have applied to the Ministry for WiMAX frequencies allocation. However, Ministry of Comunications is not planning to involve other companies, except Beltelecom.

According to Deputy Minister WiMAX will be available on the whole territory of the country, but because of standardization issues, commercial operation of the network could be delayed.

Beltelecom will launch a WiMAX zone available at TIBO'2006 venue.

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