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Belarusian government adopts regulations for governmental bodies websites

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On February 11, 2006, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus adopted regulations #192 on Internet sites of national governmental bodies.

The regulation provides general requirements for the websites and describes government officials responsibilities concerning web sites functioning.

According to the regulations, government body web site should present information on:

  • structure of the body;

  • bio of the head of the government department;

  • time schedule;

  • the list of the documents citizens should submit in order to get certificates, notes, references and other information from a central governing body;

  • description and terms of application procedure;

  • prices for government services;

  • addresses, phone numbers and names of government officials

  • legislative acts and regulations issued by a central government body;

  • information about activities of a central governing body.

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